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July 19, 2007


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A month and a half - at least. Unless he asks for it first.


If you are having sex frequently, I give it a month, unless of course he gets that animal look on his face and barks a command.

You gotta watch out for those kinky university boys, they have a dark side. And if you tap the well, you may just well, go all the way!!

I want pictures then!!


Bourgeois Nerd

"If I did have a type (and I don't), skinny boys with dark hair, five o'clock shadow, glasses and big dicks would definitely be in the running..."

Oh, Note, if only you weren't in some undisclosed foreign land! I'd totally be your type (well, if I worked out a little and got rid of my little tummy)! And you could totally whip out the toys and 2-hour eatings-out with me.

bagel of everything

My sweet friend,

Have your adventures jaded you so that you can no longer enjoy a good clean naked romp?

When a new lover begins climbing the chandelier or hauling out a sack of toys, I worry there is something fundamentally wrong with his/her technique.

I have no objections to "sexual aids", but they are only aids. If you're doing it right, and he is doing it right, and you're both still new to eachother, why do you need these things? Save them, for when you're bored with eachother.

Unless...you're bored with yourself?


Jaded? Bored?!? I... uh... oh, no. I henceforth resolve to make piece with the joys of vanilla sex.

Actually, perhaps what I'm really worried about is more like the fear that Sartre describes of a person standing on a precipice, that it is not that they're afraid of heights, but rather that they know that somewhere within they are capable throwing themselves off. Might it be that I am afraid of unwittingly doing something that broadcasts my background in prostitution?


Deliciously Naughty

I'd say it depends. Do you want a fuck buddy or a boyfriend?

Fuck buddy-the next time you get down, start talking dirty and describe all the things you want to do to him-if he gets harder, go for the milder stuff and work up to the hardercore stuff.

Boyfriend-I'd say go a little slower. Learn more about him, build trust with him (especially if he's not coming across as overtly non-vanilla) and then start a sex session talking about fantasies. See how he reacts to your "fantasy" and then whip out toys and special tricks ONE AT A TIME. It takes longer, but the reward's well worth it.

Of course, if he brings it up, whoo hoo and whip out the toys and lube and cuffs, etc.

Communication, my dearest Note, will generally be your best guide as to what to do.


I'd rather climb the chandeliers and break out the toys FIRST, rather than just plain vanilla sex!

Vanilla Sex is great, with a man who knows what he's doing, but "knows what he is doing with toys and props" WHOA go for it man!!

Mu ha ha ha ha!!

bagel of everything

So many times, I've thought to myself:
"Gee, that was some quality lovin. I wonder if he's a prostitute?"

(you know I love you, notie, doncha?)


Strangely, bagel, I do.


Oh, and as for you, my adorable Bourgeois Nerd--I have no doubt that we'd make sweet, sweet lovin' were we to run, full on, into each other.

We may still; who knows?


And Ms. Naughty...

you are wise.

Jeffrey Bryan

Several years ago I was that university boy, and I found myself in bed for the third or fourth time with someone I was into... when he suddenly busted out with "Aww yeah, call me your little fuck pig."

Speaking as the guy who instantly lost his erection and started laughing hysterically in the middle of fucking the poor boy... before you cross that line from best sex he's had to doing things attributed to the "Special" section of the gay porn aisle you might want to talk to him about it first.


Never know. I've been butt-fucking my bearded, dark-haired, skinny-boy musician/philosophy graduate student for months now -- never would have thought it possible, when I met him in the library at university . .

Let it all out. If it scares them, they'll get over it.


RE: your 7/20 comment...

You may have something there when you mention the fear of discover of your immediate background. The tip of the iceberg perhaps. But no matter how naked you may have been, there are still volumes left to be discovered. (No, not the nether regions of any physical cavities.)

Having become so intimate with the faceless readers of your blog, and not so intimate with the many repeat customers, maybe you've had less time to be intimate with someone who's interested in reading a volume or two... that is, with face intact.

Bored with yourself? No. (However deep the comment may have been. Hat's off.) Fear of the adventure beyond the precipice? Perhaps.

Perhaps your just bored of being on the precipice... Jump off! Enjoy a good soar through unknown skies. Write a new volume or two. Just don't forget to read while your at it!

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