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July 18, 2007


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Bourgeois Nerd

"In other news, I had sex with a small, pretty, bespectacled geek a few days ago,..." Well, there's hope for us geeks and nerds after all!


Hope? Darling, you're fucking ringers,



Deliciously Naughty

LOL-as the wife of a nerd, I can attest that geek boys are some of the most sexually adventuresome, talented, and giving men on the planet-bless their Linux boxes, one and all.

Note-hugs-the editing sucks. I don't understand it in quite the same way, but it sucks when I can't share that my blog made Fleshbot or talk about adventures.

Good luck in school-I just hope you won't dissapear like some of my blog buddies have-I'd miss you

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